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Best Chocolate Beer

by Mark Wembridge

Some people like beer. Others like chocolate. I like chocolate beer. Yes, some genius in England has combined two of the best things in life, beer and chocolate, and come up with a tasty and satisfying ale. A stout (very dark ale) in fact.

Young's Double Chocolate Stout is made on the other side of the Atlantic at the Ram Brewery in Wandsworth, southwest London. The stout has been popular over there for quite some time; now we are able to buy it.

Imagine gargling Budweiser while chomping on a block of Hershey's. Rest assured Young's Double Chocolate tastes absolutely nothing like that. Apparently, Young's really do put dark chocolate in the mix when they make the heavy stout with a creamy head. The chocolate taste is not overpowering and therefore does not cause a clash of sweet and sour in your mouth.

The chocolate stout is available to take home in a four-pack of one-pint cans from Wild Oats for $8.49. If you want to try the beer on a night out go to the Rathskeller, where a pint bottle costs about $8. Wild Oats Supermarket is located at 1300 E. 86th St. in the Nora Plaza, 706-0900. The Rathskeller can be found downtown at 401 E. Michigan St., 636-0396.